We’re always happy to answer your questions! Please feel free to contact us at 1-888-322-6385 or email orders@northriveroutfitter.com


I’m going to order…

Q) I hate paying for shipping! What can you do about it?

A) We hate it too, so we have come up with a few solutions! First, all shipping is complimentary on orders over $50.00! Doesn’t matter if it was full price, sale, or you used a promo code… it’s coming to you for FREE. We must apologize if your order was under $50.00, because we do need to charge you $8.95. One loophole though - join the Captain's Club to work towards free shipping for life!


Q) I know patience is a virtue, but how long will I wait for my package to arrive?

A) We love instant gratification so we attempt to get all our packages out within 48 hours of you selecting it. But sometimes the items you order are coming right from our vendors (which allows us to offer such low prices), and there’s a bit of a delay. We know that can be a drag, but you’ll love it when you get it, we promise!


Q) Your prices are low. Is the stuff real?

A) Oh boy, we had a feeling this was coming when we marked down those jackets. Yes we 100% guarantee and swear on our signed copy of True Prep that anything you see on NorthRiverOutfitter.com, in our store, on an employee, on our FB page, or in photo we Tweet are real.


Q) Can I buy both of these ski jackets and just keep the one I like more?

A) Of course you can buy both jackets, but unless they are full price you cannot get a refund for one. Sale merchandise (even if one is kept) will not get a refund when it is returned. If that super sleek jacket you ordered is full price, go ahead get two! Just have it back to us in 14 days and the money will go right back to your account. If you need help with sizing shoot us an email, or give us a ring and someone will be able to give you the inside scoop on sizing.


Q) I scored a super secret promo code. What does that do?

A) Who told you about those? If you got a promo you can apply it to anything on our site (unless otherwise noted in that pesky fine print). We do have to let you know that once a promo code is applied the item becomes a sale item, and thus cannot be returned for a refund.


Q) I don’t see the size or color I want, but I still reeeeallly want it. Anything you can do to help?

A) Yes. Call or email and we will search our warehouse and harass our vendors, to try and find that sold out item. Unfortunately we can’t promise anything but our best efforts.


Q) My wife needs a birthday gift, but I’m clueless. Any thoughts on what to get her?

A) How many times have we heard this question? We have LOTS of ideas: in fact one might say gift giving is our forte. Call one of our shopping specialists or send an email with some guidelines. We’ll find the perfect gift, and we won’t tell her you didn’t pick it out.


I’ve ordered… now what?


Q) Has my credit card been charged?  When do you charge my credit card? 

A) Your credit card is authorized by our secure payment gateway when the order is placed. This only shows up as an authorization with your bank (or credit card company). We do not actually take your payment (charge the credit card) until we confirm that the item you ordered can actually be shipped to you! If we cannot fill your order, we do not take payment and the authorization will drop off your account within 1 to 2 business days depending on your bank (or credit card company). Please contact your credit card company for futher details. 


Q) My status hasn’t changed from "Awaiting Fulfillment" yet. What’s the deal?

A) You may not believe it, but every single order that comes through our site is reviewed by a real live person to make sure a. we have it and b. have all the info we need to get it to you. Sometimes it takes a day or so, but we’re working on it. If you need it ASAP, just make a note in the comments section at checkout and we’ll bump you to the head of the line


Q) Why has my order been labeled “Awaiting Shipment" for so long? It’s just a jacket, not a coffee table.

A) We may not be stitching your Patagonia or cobbling those Jack Rogers, but a lot happens between when you place the order and our UPS man Mike picks it up. We really appreciate your patience as we get it out to you!


Q) How can I track my package?

A) Simplyenter your order number and zipcode into the order status section of our site and your tracking number will come up. We also send it to you when the item ships.


Q) Why isn’t there tracking information for my order?

A) Ooops! Sometimes it doesn’t get posted. Just let us know and we’ll send it along.


Q) I really need to speak with someone about my order. HELP!

A)  The best way to reach us is by emailing orders@northriveroutfitter.com, but if you’d like to chat on the phone call 888-322-6385 between 10am and 5pm Mon-Fri. If we don’t answer the first time we’re on the other line helping someone else, please leave your name, order number and a brief message and we will get back with you as quickly as possible.


Q) Oops! I accidentally order 3 of the same sweater. I need to cancel, what do I do?

A) We thought those 3 orders in a row for the same thing from the same person was weird. Chances are one of our staff members caught it and got in touch with you. But if not, send an email, we’ll clean up that mess.


I received my order, but…

Q) How do I return something?

A) Email rma@northriveroutfitter.com for a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Then, follow the instructions on that neon sheet we sent you, or on the policies section of out site.


Q) When will I get my refund or exchange?

A) Refunds typically post within 2 weeks after the item is received back to NRO.


Q) This isn’t what I ordered. Can you fix it?

A) We’re sorry! Wires got crossed in the shipping department. Let us know at orders@northriveroutfitter.com and we’ll send a return label and the correct item.


Q) I’m missing an item from my order. Help!

A) Don’t panic. Often we ship orders in separate packages. It’s on its way!


Q) My outerwear looks like it’s already exposed to elements (i.e. damaged). What are you going to do about it?

A) We tested it to make sure it worked right.   JUST KIDDING! In the off chance this happens, we really are sorry. Send an email to orders@northriveroutfitter.com and we will fix it right away.


About one of those leather footstools…(Omersa orders)

Q) What the heck is taking so long?!

A) Ok, this is where “Being Assembled” actually means we placed the order and there is someone in rural England building your order.   These footstools are amazing, but there is a time commitment involved with having one. We place the order with Omersa right after you place your order, and that’s when it starts. Each footstool is handmade by a skilled craftsman across the pond. Thank you for your patience!


Q) Are they really handmade in England?

A) Yes. There are a handful of people who have spent YEARS in apprenticeships learning how to make these.


Q) Fine, I’ll wait. But when will you charge my credit card?

A) Because these are such unique pieces, and there is such high demand, when you confirm your order we take payment. We just want to guarantee that as soon as that little (or big) guy gets off the plane in Boston he is sent right to you.