At NRO we offer our favorite items from our favorite brands. We value your loyalty and want to reward you with every purchase. That’s why we have created the Captains Club for our valued customers who come back to us for the quality and style we strive to provide.

With every purchase you receive a bouy that helps you work your way to the top of the club for the most exclusive rewards.

Deck Hand: With your first purchase you have made your way onto the boat! You will receive exclusive emails for store sales and promotions, along with being entered for weekly give-aways, and access to special promotions.

Sailor: With your second purchase you are now part of the team! From now on any time you order from us, even if it isn’t over $50.00, you will receive free shipping!

First Mate: 5 orders! You’ve got so many bouys you don’t know what to do with them! Be on the look- out for a package, you’re getting a free gift for being one of our best customers. You also have access to seasonal sales before everyone else!

Captain: 6 orders! We’re taking commands from you now. You’d like access to promotions before our other customers? You’d like free returns? Exclusive access to merchandise before other club members? Ay Ay Captain!